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You Need Online Computer Backup Before Creating Wealth Online

Computer Backup means storing your files, data, music from your computer on other media types(dvds, cds, hard-drives, zip) in the event that you lose your data due to computer malfunction, viruses, crashes, etc.

Everyone who works with computers knows that this can happen.

Either is a computer virus, a system crash, or even a hardware failure, all this can destroy your data and if it’s something important, you may consider backing it up, especially since it’s not something very hard to do and can save you a lot of time and money.

Many people say that you can recover your data even from a defect hard-drive. It`s true, but this cannot be done every time. There are times when you can`t recover the data and most important this can be done only by a specialist and thus it cost a lot. This is why having a backup of your work is very important.

How do I Backup my Computer?

The most used method is to copy your files to another disk drive. Another method is to copy your files to a CD or DVD. In this case you won’t be able to modify your data but, if it’s a rewritable CD/DVD you can erase all the data and replace with a new backup.

This way you won`t need to store tens of cd/dvds with different backups.

A newer technology is the keydrive – a tiny drive wich you plug in your USB connection and is seen by the computer as another drive on your computer.

It can store up to 16GB of data or even more and you can write, erase, replace copy the files stored there making it a simple and easy to use drive. This is a really powerful tool for backup.

Online Computer Backup

This is another excellent form of computer backup. Unlike the previous methods which required other media such as USD Drive, CD, DVD, online backup stores your data online on dedicated storage servers and you don`t need to keep in mind where your backup CD is, or if it`s still intact.

The files will always be there, online and thus they can be accessed easily and at any moment, as long as you are online.

Of course there are many places to store your files. Many differ only by the maximum space available for you for free. X-drive and idrive are two excellent sources of online backup.

Using an user and a password you can gain access to your files from any place in the world with an internet connection and thus you`ll be able to continue your work in no time.


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