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Review of Doubling Stocks–Stock Trading Robot

You might say that people who are so good with computers and the techy stuff about it are geeky. And they are. Michael Cohen and Carl of Miami used their geekiness to help people out there and earn millions of bucks like them. Michael Cohen, being the programmer, did not just want to stay put in his house enjoying his hard earned money after developing the popular “Global Alpha” for the Goldman Sachs. No. Since he can not do the same thing he did for his former company he went on his way and make his own baby – the Doubling Stocks – Stock Trading Robot. This product can ease you up from the difficulties that the bad economy is causing. You can start making money too with less the confusion and … Read entire article »

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Doubling Stocks-Stock Trading Robot

Doubling Stocks-Stock Trading Robot Article by John Cale According to the Doubling Stocks-Stock Trading Robot Web Site, the stock robot was created by two computer ‘geeks’ named Michael and Carl. They created software that can be run on any computer and manage funds from 0 to 0,000. Michael believed by managing relatively small funds, they should be able to yield higher returns. The software is designed to work within the penny stock market. Marl, which is the name of the robot, works by analyzing a stock’s past price movement to predict future movements. Marl also looks for companies that are becoming bullish or the stocks are increasing. If Marl identifies a stock that is a good risk/reward, it will be put automatically on a watch list. The watch … Read entire article »

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