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Do You Want Get More Twitter Followers In No Time

Social networking sites like Twitter could actually help increase targeted website traffick to your site, and therefore contribute to business growth.

Maybe you have heard how more people are getting addicted to Twitter, the micro-blogging platform. The increasing number of users, from all parts of society and wide range of demographics, helps make the site a prospective advertising device. It could actually assist you grow your site’s visibility on search engines. However, it’s going to take a great deal of work especially if you are unfamiliar with social media. It could be time-consuming since you will ought to manually do a search for prospective customers, and follow them one by one.

Even so you can invariably simplify the process with Tweet Adder, the best follower adding software I have seen thus far.

Here are some of the features of TweetAdder:

  • Free Trail and sliding price structure.
  • One-time purchase price with no monthly recurring charges.
  • Freedom to choose who to follow and unfollow based on your specific criteria.
  • Account safety features that will prevent you from growing too fast.
  • Statistics panel which gives you a complete overview of your account.
  • The software runs in the background and doesn’t slow down your browser.

Not only does it help you find followers, it also let you filter your followers so that they all belong to only one particular niche. This is very helpful especially if you want to sell your product to a specific type of audience.

The great part is that Tweet Adder also automates the act of replying and tweeting. All you need to do is attach a file with random messages and Tweetadder will do the posting for you. This is great if you do not have the time to maintain a Twitter account. But that does not end there. Tweet Adder also allows you to handle multiple accounts.


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  1. James ONeill

    Anyone has recent experience with Tweet adder? Thanks.

  2. Mark

    If you’ve never found success with the automated methods. You can automate AND find quality followers, as I’ve done very well with Tweet Adder over the last couple of years. It helps you build a good foundation which in turn can then build smaller accounts via large Retweets.

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