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Commercial Real Estate Investment & Investment in Stock An In-depth Comparison of Your Options


Are you confused about your investment options?

Is everyone giving you just their opinions and not facts?

Do you want to base your decision on an opinion or fact?

As a customer you must be informed about your options. Such decisions not only affect you today, but will affect your future greatly.

It is time you received full and complete information regarding two very significant investment option: commercial real estate investment and investment in stock.

Commercial Real Estate Investment

Do you want to learn about commercial real estate investment? Have you been informed by your financial advisor about this incredible option available to you?

Financial advisors do not like to give away secrets. They want to invest in complicated stocks and charge you high fees in return. You have no option but to blindly trust them.

Commercial real estate investment is a great way to earn income or interest for all individuals. It is a highly profitable investment that has low risk.

The benefits of commercial real estate investment are plenty:

1) This is an absolutely great option for individuals that have low risk tolerance. If you are close to retirement and you have extra cash this would be the best choice for you.

2) You will receive exceptionally high rate of return compared to other investments.3) You will receive great tax write offs, such as depreciation, and other expenses. This will lower your taxes payable.

4) It is one of very few investment vehicles that appreciate with time. The appreciation will bring you a new source of income when you are ready to sell your property.

Investment in Stock

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

When you embark on a journey you must make one accurate decision after another. A wrong decision may have you lose all your money. The return on such investment is great but the fees you are being charged are even greater.

The following is a list of why you should not invest in stocks:

1) Stocks are very volatile. The price of a stock can change in a matter of seconds and have long-lasting impact on your future for decades.

2) Making accurate decision becomes very difficult with stocks. Are you investing because you believe in the company? Or you think it will give you great dividends? It is like shooting in the dark and hoping to hit the bulls eye.

3) Bankruptcy is another important factor. When the company you have invested in goes bankrupt so does your stock value. Can you afford that?


If you like low risk high return then investment in commercial real estate is your best option. Investment in stock is risky given the current economic trends.

Get informed and fully knowledgeable before you make an investment decision that will have long-term impact on your finances.


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